Andhra Pradesh Art & Culture MCQ Set-2

In this set, we have compiled the second set of Andhra Pradesh Art and Culture MCQ GK for APPSC, UPSC, competitive examinations in India and Andhra Pradesh Government Job recruitment examinations. Find out the questions along with the answers below.

Q.1 Undavalli Caves, located in the Guntur district has which of the following style of rock-cut architecture?

A. Gupta style

B. Mauryan Style

C. Mughal Style

D. None of these

Correct Answer: A. Gupta Style

Note: The Undavalli caves are said to be from 7th century. But one can see Gupta style of rock-cut Architecture which goes back to 4th-5th century CE. Most of the  emperor of Gupta’s were Vaishnavas. So, many sculpture of Narasimha, Vishnu and Ramayans stories are found at the Undavali caves.

Q.2 Annamacharya composed songs to praise which of the following deity?

A. Shiva

B. Indra

C. Venkateswara

D. Rama

Correct Answer: C. Venkateswara

Q.3 Devulapalli inscription was one of the sources of:

A. Vijaynagara Kingdom

B. Kakatiyas Rule

C. Eastern Chalukyas Rule

D. Satvahana Kingdom

Correct Answer: A. Vijaynaagara Kingdom

Q.4 Which of the following is correct about the Kanyasulkam, considered as the greatest play in Telegu language?

I. It was written by Gurazada Apparao.

II. It was written in 1892

III. The play deals with social issues

A. Only I is crrect

B. Both I & II are correct

C. Only II is correct

D. All I, II & II are correct

Correct Answer: D. All I, II & II are correct

Q.5 Who is known as the father of the Telegu theatre?

A. Gurazado Apparao

B. Pullaiah

C. Kalyanam Raghuramaiah

D. Peesapati Narasimha Murty

Correct Answer: B. C. Pullaiah

Note: C. Pullaiah is also known as the father of Telegu theatre movement.

Q.6 Telegu theatre can be divided into various kinds, one of its kind, the Social Plays are known as:

A. Padya Natakam

B. Prayoga Natakam

C. Parishath Natakam

D. Gadya Natakam

Correct Answer: D. Gadya Natakam

Note: The major kinds of Telegu theatre are Folk theatre, Padya Natakam, Parishath Natakam, Gadya Natakam or social plays, the Prayoga Natakam or experimental plays and the Street theatre.

Q.7 Who among the following is considered as the Pitamaha of Telegu Carnatic music?

A. Purandara Dasa

B. Tyagaraja

C. Syama Sastri

D. Swathi Thirunal

Correct Answer: A. Purandara Dasa

Q.8 Who among the followings are regarded as the trinity of Carnatic music of Telegu language?

A. Purandara Dasa, Tyagaraja, Syama Sastri

B. Syama Sastri, Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar

C. Tyagaraja, Gooalakrishna Bharathi, Neelkanta Sivan

D. None of these

Correct Answer: B. Syama Sastri, Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar

Note: The contemporaries Tyagaraja (1767– 1847), Muthuswami Dikshitar, (1776–1835) and Syama Sastri, (1762–1827) are regarded as the Trinity of Carnatic music because of the quality of Syama Sastri’s compositions, the varieties of compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar, and Tyagaraja’s prolific output in composing kritis.

Q.9 Which of the following is correct about Burra Katha?

I. It is an oral storytelling technique

II. It is a story writing technique

III. It is a Telegu drama written by Purandara Dasa

A. Only I is correct

B. Only II is correct

C. Only II is correct

D. Both I & IV are correct.

Correct Answer: A. Only I is correct

Q.10 Kanipakam temple is dedicated to which of the following Hindu deity?

A. Rama

B. Krishna

C. Venkateswara

D. Ganesha

Correct Answer: D. Ganesha

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