Assam Geography MCQ Set-8

Practice Assam Geography MCQ for APSC CCE, UPSC, Other APSC Recruitment examination, Assam Police Recruitment, Junior Assistant recruitment by Government of Assam or any other government job recruitment examination in Assam and rest of the India.

Q.1 Which among the following city of Assam is called the city of eternal romance?

A. Dibrugarh

B. Silchar

C. Tezpur

D. Guwahati

Answer: C. Tezpur

Q.2 Which among the following place is called as the Navadweep of Assam?

A. Nalbari

B. Nagaon

C. Jorhat

D. Majuli

Answer: A. Nalbari

Q.3 The Assam Co-operative Jute mills Ltd is located in:

A. Nagaon

B. Silghat

C. Jorhat

D. Barpeta

Answer: B. Silghat

Q.4 Baksa district was created from which of the following district?

A. Nalbari, Kamrup and Barpeta district

B. Nalbari and Barpeta district

C. Nalbari and Darrang district

D. Nalbari, Barpeta and Darrang district

Answer: A. Nalbari, Kamrup and Barpeta district

Q.5 Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence of the districts of Assam in descending order of their geographical area?

A. Karbi Anglong > Sonitpur > Dima Hasao

B. Karbi Anglong > Dima Hasao > Sonitpur

C. Karbi Anglong > Dima Hasao > Tinsukia

D. None of these

Answer: A. Karbi Anglong > Sonitpur > Dima Hasao

Q.6 The Paddy Research center, ICAR-Central Rice Research Institute is located in which of the following place?

A. Sulakuchi, Kamrup

B. Gerua, Kamrup

C. Majuli

D. Pulibar, Jorhat

Answer: B. Gerua, Kamrup

Q.7 Which among the following is/are anabranch river of Assam?

I. Kolong river

II. Tuni river

III. Subansiri river

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Only III

D. Both I & II

Answer: D. Both I & II

Note: Anabranch river is a river that originates from splitting from a river.

Q.8 Manas national park was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in which of the following session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee?

A. 8th Session

B. 9th Session

C. 10th Session

D. None of these

Answer: B. 9th Session

Note: The Manas National Park was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 9th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in 1985.

Q.9 Orang Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a National Park in which of the following year?

A. 1999

B. 2004

C. 2010

D. 2014

Answer: A. 1999

Q.10 The Orang National park covers which of the following revenue districts of Assam?

A. Udalguri and Darrang

B. Udalguri and Morigaon

C. Udalguri and Sonitpur

D. None of these

Answer: C. Udalguri and Sonitpur

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