Indian History MCQ Set-16

British Conquest of India MCQ for SSC, UPSC , NDA, State PSC, Railway recruitment examinations, Police recruitment examinations and related government job recruitments examinations by the state governments and the union government of India.

Q.1 Which of the following is CORRECT about the British annexation of Punjab?

I. Punjab was annexed after the Battle of Gujarat at the end of Second Anglo-Sikh war.

II. Lord Dalhousie was the Governor-General of India during the annexation of Punjab.

III. East India Company annexed the Punjab on 2 April 1849.

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Only III

D. I, II & III

Answer: D. I, II & III

Q.2 Which among the following is correct about the transfer of Bombay city to the East India Company?

I. The King of England leased Bombay city to the East India Company in fee tail as per Royal Charter of 27th March, 1668.

II. The Bombay city was provided to King Charles II of England by King John IV of Portugal as a part of dowry.

III. The Bombay city was placed under the possession of English Empire as a dowry contract of King Charles II of England and Catherine of Bragazana, daughter of King John IV of Portugal

A. Only I is correct

B. Only III is correct

C. Both II & III are correct

D. I, II & III all correct

Answer: D. I, II and III all correct

Q.3 Who was the Mughal Emperor when first British enter into the Mughal Court to secure royal patronage?

A. Akbar

B. Babur

C. Jahangir

D. Aurangzeb

Answer: C. Jahangir

Note: The East India Company sent Captain William Hawkins to the court of the Mughal emperor Jahangir  in 1608 CE to secure royal patronage. He succeeded in getting royal permit for the Company to establish its factories at various places on the Western coast of India.

Q.4 Which of the following queen of the Great Britain authorized East India Company to trade in the East?

A. Queen Elizabeth I

B. Queen Elizabeth II

C. Queen Elizabeth III

D. None of these

Answer: A. Queen Elizabeth I

Note: On 31st December, 1600CE, Queen Elizabeth I authorized East India Company to trade in the east through a charter and thus the East India Company was founded on 31st December, 1600.

Q.5 Who among the following influenced British to come to India for trade?

A. Dutch

B. Portuguese

C. French

D. Danes

Answer: B. Portuguese

Note: Britishers were influenced by the success of trade of Portuguese and they came to India for trade.

Q.6 Which of the following treaty was signed after the Battle of Buxar?

A. Treaty of Katihar

B. Treaty of Allahabad

C. Treaty of Kanpur

D. Treaty of Champaran

Answer: B. Treaty of Allahabad

Note: The Battle of Buxar was fought on 22nd and 23rd October 1764, between the forces under the command of the British East India Company, led by Hector Munro, and the combined armies of Mir Qasim, After the victory of the East India Company, the treaty of Allahabad was signed on 12th August, 1765.

Q.7 The Carnatic Treaty was signed on 26th July, 1801 between British East India Company and:

A. Nawab of Hyderabad

B. Nawab of Ahmednagar

C. Nawab of Arcot

D. None of these

Answer: C. Nawab of Arcot

Q.8 The treaty of Yandaboo was signed by the British East India Company and:

A. Konbaung Dynasty

B. Ahom Dynasty

C. Nawab of Dacca

D. None of these

Answer: A. Konbaung Dynasty

Note: The treaty of Yandaboo was signed by Konbaung dynasty or the Third Burmese Empire and British East India Company on 24th February, 1826. After the fall of Ahom kingdom, the Burmese captured the region currently known as Assam an the first Anglo-Burmese war brought Burmese rule to an end and the treaty of Yandaboo was signed.

Q.9 Kingdom of Coorg was annexed by British East India Company in which of the following year?

A. 1834

B. 1826

C. 1854

D. 1901

Answer: A. 1834

Note: After the Battle of Coorg between defiance Raja of Coorg and the East India Company in 1834, the Kingdom of Coorg was annexed to the East India Company.

Q.10 Which of the following territory annexed at last by the British East India Company?

A. Kingdom of Awadh

B. Kingdom of Coorg

C. Kingdom of Kachari

D. None of these

Answer: A. Kingdom of Awadh

Note: On 7 February 1856 by order of  Governor-General Lord Dalhousie, the king of Oudh  or Awadh Wajid Ali Shah was deposed, and its kingdom was annexed to British India under the terms of the Doctrine of lapse on the grounds of alleged internal misrule.

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