Assam Economy MCQ Set-1

Practice Assam Economy MCQ for APSC CCE, UPSC, Other APSC Recruitment examination, Assam Police Recruitment, Junior Assistant recruitment by Government of Assam or any other government job recruitment examination in Assam and rest of the India.

Q.1 As on 2021, how much percentage of Assam’s population lives below the poverty line?

A. 31%

B. 20%

C. 5%

D. 15

Answer: A 31%

Q.2 What is the Assam’s share in national tea production?

A. 35%

B. 60%

C. 75%

D. 18%

Answer: B. 60%

Q.3 How much percentage of Assam’s population is engaged in agriculture?

A. 69%

B. 75%

C. 56%

D. 24%

Answer: A. 69%

Q.4 Which among the following agriculture product is 2nd highest national share contributor after the tea in Assam?

A. Arecanut

B. Jackfruit

C. Pineapple

D. Garlic

Answer: C. Pineapple

Q.5 How many oil refineries are located in Assam?

A. 4

B. 3

C. 7

D. 5

Answer: A. 4

Note: Four(4) nos of refineries are located in Assam, these are Digboi refinery, Noonmati refinery, Bongaigaon refinery and Numaligarh refinery.

Q.6 The registered office of the Oil India Ltd is located in:

A. Nazira

B. Noida

C. Duliajan

D. Guwahati

Answer: C. Duliajan

Q.7 As per 2020-2021 budget of Assam, the contribution of Agriculture activity to the GDP of Assam is:

A. 17%

B. 22%

C. 39%

D. None of these

Answer: A. 17 %

Q.8 As per the Periodic Labour Force Survey 2017-18, the unemployment rate of Assam is:

A. 8.1%

B. 1%

C. 0.01%

D. 5%

Answer: A. 8.1%

Note: According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey 2017-18, Assam has an unemployment rate of 8.1%, which is higher than the all-India unemployment rate of 6.1%. The female unemployment rate in Assam is 13.9%, which is much higher than the all-India female unemployment rate of 5.7%. Source:

Q.9 Which among the following is correct about the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd?

I. It was created in December, 2004

II. It was created under the State Power Sector Reform Programme under the provision of Electricity Act, 2003

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Both I & II

D. None of these

Answer: C. Both I & II

Q.10 As per UNDP 2018’s report, the rank of Assam among Indian states and UTs for human development is:

A. 4th

B. 12th

C. 21th

D. 30th

Answer: D. 30th

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