Assam History MCQ Set-22

In this set, we have compiled the 22nd set of Assam History Pala Dynasty GK for APSC, Assam Police recruitment, Junior Assistant and other government job recruitment examinations in Assam.

Q.1 What was the capital of the Pala dynasty?

A. Durjaya

B. Sadiya

C. Biswanath

D. None of these

Answer: A. Durjaya

Q.2 Who was the last ruler of the Pala Dynasty?

A. Brahma Pala

B. Harsha Pala

C. Dharma Pala

D. Jaya Pala

Answer: D. Jaya Pala

Q.3 Which one among the following is not a ruler of Koch Hajo?

A. Virajdendra Narayan

B. Parikshit Narayan

C. Raghudev

D. None of these

Answer: A. Virajdendra Narayan

Q.4 Which one among the Koch kings introduced silver coin in ancient Assam?

A. Biswa Singha

B. Nara Narayan

C. Lakshmi Narayan

D. Basudev Narayan

Answer: B. Nara Narayan

Q.5 Which one is CORRECT about the dynastic title ‘Narayan’ of the Koch kings?

I. The title was credited by Srimanta Shankardeva for their noble services

II. This was a honorific title of Koch people

III. Malladev, also known as Nara Narayan, acquired the title ‘Narayan’ after his father’s death, and the title became the dynastic title of his succeeding kings

A. Only I is correct

B. Only II is correct

C. Only III is correct

D. Both I & II correct

Answer: C. Only III is correct

Q.6 Who was the father of Biswa Singha?

A. Nripendra Narayan

B. Haridas Mondal

C. Nara Narayan

D. None of these

Answer: B. Haridas Mondal

Q.7 Who was the last ruler of the Khen dynasty?

A. Nilambar

B. Chakradhwaj

C. Niladhwaj

D. None of these

Answer: A. Nilambar

Q.8 The Treaty of Majuli was signed by:

A. Nara Narayan & Sorgodew Sukhaamphaa

B. Nara Narayan & Sorgodew Suklenmung

C. Nripendra Narayan & Pratap Singha

D. None of these

Answer: A. Nara Narayan & Sorgodew Sukhaamphaa

Note: The treaty of Majuli was signed in 1563 CE when Nara Narayana was camping in Majuli and the treaty followed a successful campaign against the Ahom kingdom led by Chilarai, the Brother of Nara Narayan and the general of the Koch forces; which resulted in the fall of Garhgaon, the Ahom capital.

Q.9 Who among the following was known as the “Vikramaditya” of Kamrupa?

A. Chilarai

B. Nara Narayana

C. Birpal

D. Bhskar Varman

Answer: B. Nara Narayana

Q.10 Choose the CORRECT one from the following

I. After the death of Nara Narayan, Shukladhwaja declared independence of Koch Hajo

II. Nara Narayan’s nephew Lakshmi Narayan become the king of Koch Bihar after his death

III. Shukladhwaja was the only son of Nara Narayan

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Only III

D. Both I & II

Answer: A. Only I

Note: Shukladhwaja was a nephew of Nara Narayan.

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