Assam History MCQ Set-23

In this set, we have compiled the 23rd set of Assam History Varman Dynasty MCQ for APSC, Assam Police recruitment, Junior Assistant and other government job recruitment examinations in Assam.

Q.1 Which of the following princess of Kamarupa kingdom married king Meghavahana of Gonda dynasty of Kashmir?

A. Amritaprabha

B. Gandharavati

C. Nayanadevi

D. Bhogavati

Answer: A. Amritaprabha

Q.2 Which of the following Gauda king invaded Pala dynasty of the Kamarupa?

A. Birpala

B. Rampala

C. Kumarpala

D. Shurupala II

Answer: B. Rampala

Q.3 Which among the following animal was used a Royal Symbol of the Kings in ancient Kamrupa?

A. Dog

B. Horse

C. Elephant

D. Cow

Answer: C. Elephant

Q.4 Which of the following was/were the official language of the Varman Dynasty?

A. Pali & Kamrupi Prakit

B. Kamrupi Prakit

C. Sanskrit and Kamrupi Prakit

D. Sanskrit

Answer: C. Sanskrit and Kamrupi Prakit

Q.5 Which among the following is CORRECT about the establishment of the Varman Dynasty?

I. It was established in 350 CE

II. It was established by Pushyavarman

III. It was established by Samudravarman

A. Only I is correct

B. Only II is correct

C. Both I & II are correct

D. Both I & III are correct

Answer: C. Both I & II are correct

Q.6 Which of the following Varman king was defeated by Gupta king Samudra Gupta in connection with the performance of the Asvamedha sacrifice?

A. Balavarman

B. Pushyavarman

C. Samudravarman

D. Mahendravarman

Answer: A. Balavarman

Q.7 Salastamba was a ruler of which of the following ancient dynasty?

A. Varman dynasty

B. Pala dynasty

C. Mlechchha dynasty

D. None of these

Answer: C. Mlechchha dynasty

Note: As per grants of Ratna Pala, Salastamba was the first ruler of the Mlechchha dynasty.

Q.8 The Varman king performed Ashvamedha to prove imperial sovereignty from Gupta empire is:

A. Balavarman

B. Mahendravarman

C. Bhaskarvarman

D. Samudravarman

Answer: B. Mahendravarman

Q.9 The capital of the Mlechchha dynasty was located in which of the following place?

A. Hadapeshvar

B. Pragjyotishpur

C. Koch Bihar

D. None of these

Answer: A. Hadapeshvar 

Q.10 From which of the following inscription, the defeat of Gauda King Shashanka by Bhaskar Varman can be traced?

A. Pragjyotishpura inscription

B. Nidhanpur copperplate inscription

C. Umachal rock inscription

D. None of these

Answer: B. Nidhanpur copperplate inscription

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